What We Do

What makes us diferent?

Community centers

We’ve built a lot of centres at various locations.. There, kids and destitutes get access to food, education centres, medical offices,  and more.


We track measurable progress with  our research partners to prove we’re making a real impact on our kids and elderly destitutes

Support 24/7

Programs change by age and location to ensure that our kids  are educated and elderly destitues are empowered, and feel safe.

Anaikkum Karangal works for the empowerment of under privileged, vulnerable and needy sections of the society particularly Children, Women and Youth. Our approach is to address the health, education, environment, economic, cultural issues of the society. Anaikkum Karangal aims to facilitate for the self-sufficiency and overall development of all irrespective of caste, creed and gender.

Anaikkum Karangal in India works in diversified activities like awareness creation, capacity building, skill development, sustainable livelihoods, rural & agricultural development and slum development. It also provides relief to victims of atrocities, harassment and natural calamities like drought & floods.

We focus on urban slums and remote rural areas, where vulnerability is more. We have service minded dedicated volunteers and expertise resource persons to take up multifarious activities for the benefit of community.

Want to help?

Your gift will help feed children and elders losing access to meals.

Your contributions are eligible for tax benefit under Section 80G

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